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March 21, 2006
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Knights of Templar by Jaxtus8a6 Knights of Templar by Jaxtus8a6
:police:First I will have to say that I'm a Christian [a radical one] :nod:

The first time I heard about "Templar Knights" is when I've read about "Jose Rizal" he is our national hero during the Spanish colonial era here in the Philippines. anyway I found out that he is into Free-masonry, I got curious :? studied & researched about it, there I learned more about the Crusades & Templar Knights.

I haven't seen arts that clearly depicts a Templar, most of it were like ordinary crusader or those modified exaggerated-form for games, fantasy and all ... so I decided to make my own rendition, it may be lacking, I only know little about them... anyhow I want to represent them in their basic form and with a touch of my own wild imaginations :boogie:

Short Information: Templar Knights also known as the "poor Knights of Christ" are Holy order of Knights and Monks [they're both] Founded in 1118 by Hugh de Payens of Champagne France. They are humble and a gentlemen but are Fierce warrior in combat, Highly educated and very skillful, they are the Masters of this world ^^; Hee hee over-rated... but htat is how I see them.

Medium: Pilot G-Tech-C4
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Nice picture but there is no factual evidence that they are connected to the Freemasons.

@ Jaxtus8a6, nice drawing, very detailed, though why the sign of Baphomet (a satanic/demonic sign) behind him at the flag?

Oh and, yea the Templar Knights, founded by Hugh de Payens, after his visit in the Temple of Salomon, were a christian army, living without wealth in their castles, they only bought equipment for the warfare. They joined the "holy" Crusade by the Pope's call, with actual good intentions. They were no murderer and butchers, they only killed when necessary, yet they as well took the treasures. After the war, they worked as escorting guards for the pilgrims who desires to visit the Temple of Solomon, in return for money. After many years they were growing in numbers, and they were rich and powerful, they invented our current banking system, or atleast the basics of it. The French King though, took them as a serious threat for his kingdom (or actually for himself as in the right to rule the land), and accused them to be satanic, homosexual (given to the Knight and the Monk sitting together on the horse), etc. and demanded the Pope to declare them as outlaws, or he would attack Italy/the Vatican. The Pope of course didn't want a war between Christians, especially since the Saracens could strike back very soon, so he followed the French King's demand (don't ask me his name, its something like Philipe the pretty/handsome). The Templar Knights got chased all over Europe, dragged out of the castles and houses, and burnt alive on stakes, they didn't fight back, since they didn't want to harm any other christian brothers, though they had no chance to escape their death, since it was: "Admit it and die, or Lie and die.". Since that the Templar Order was forbidden, however today there might be a new Templar Order.

Well it was only temporarily forbidden, if you look it up in the online Archives of the Vatican they were pardoned immediately after, but it never got anywhere to help the poor bastards.
Very cool picture. Captures the mystical feel of the Templars bang on.
nice picture death to the heretics and unbelievers!
Cool! I like the large amount of details!
well, done. like the details you've put, espeically on the pauldrons.
thats good you put the baphomet, really tells alot about the templars
evanlai Jun 2, 2006  Professional General Artist
Wow! Cool art :)
That... Is awesome. Some kinda feeling is emenating from that piece of art...
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