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nothing justifies... guilty of murder?

need I say more? :finger:
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EdmundBurke Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2014
steinhakasei Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2011
So by your logic, a victim of a brutal rape wouldn't be justified in getting an abortion? Not only that she would be a murderer? If so, then by that logic she should be convicted of murder right?
Sostenida Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2011
pro life only after my abortion. the only thing I regret in my life. My son would have been 21 this feb. I wish I had him with me. Women need to know that even though you kill the child they will remain in your life forever. No abortion can take away the memory until your heart stops beating. Great work
MusikkaPamdemic Featured By Owner Aug 26, 2010
i'm pro choice, but i think you put in good opinon, logical, and thought threw, and I respect you for not being crazy about it. I don't particularly agree with abortion, but I think there are certain situations in which it is appropriate.

good song is good btw. :)
StrawberryR Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2010  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I just have one thing to say:
You go through NINE GRUELING MONTHS of agony, suffering, back pain, nausea, vomiting, cramps, sleepless nights, the inability to sit down well, swelling, strange cravings and mood swings. THEN, you go through the extensive, lengthy, painful procedure of birth and then what?
You can give the child up to adoption, which will always leave a sense of guilt in your stomach, OR if you didn't tell your parents, you give birth somewhere without a doctor, with more pain and the baby is left to die on a doorstep.

Would you rather go through all that, or spend 30 minutes getting a mass of cells removed? Like a tumor that's a parasite.

IF IT IS MURDER, I'd rather kill an embryo than kill a child that is definitely, 100% alive.
Mihko Featured By Owner May 15, 2010  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
of course it's not a good choice. sometimes it's the only choice. but anyone who's pro-choice isn't pro-abortion. they don't like it anymore than you do! they don't agree with it, but they understand that it shouldn't be their choice, it should be the mother's.
shinedust Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2010
I just skipped reading what everyone else commented because I'm sure it's all about pro-life or pro-choice things, but I don't understand your sketch. I like it, but I don't understand what it has to do with being pro or anti anything. To me it's just a demon either pushing a baby into her vagina or pulling it out, I can't really tell either way. There should be more blood and liquid if she's pulling it out, and it probably shouldn't look so shocked...if she's pushing it in...then just wtf is going on?

I mean she already looks like a demon in hell, and if that is what the image is then I'm more offended as a woman than as someone who happens to be pro-choice. I think it's a horrible misrepresentation of a woman who is probably going through a very emotional time, and maybe isn't making the choice to abort on her own. I have friends who have husbands who have forced (and I want to emphasized "FORCED") them to have an abortion.

So as a woman, if that is what your trying to represent, then yeah I'm offended and I don't think your sketch has anything to do with the topic. As a sketch, it looks like something you could see on a 90's metal CD cover for shock value. If that's what you were going for, you achieved it. If you were trying to do something thought provoking, at least with me, it's a fail.

I like the way it was done, the lines are good, and just as a demon in hell, fine whatever it's a good bit of work. Other than that, no.
Scotston Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2010  Professional Traditional Artist
Im pro choice, but i like the idea and composition of this piece. Well done
TheRightTone Featured By Owner Dec 22, 2009
Abortion is never a good decision. My mother was aborted by her mother and I would not be here had she not survived in a shoe box. Sorry but when it is you it is different. I don't care about the mother who protects the small child who is wiggling away from the abortionists knife?
asmilingmalice Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2009
Does that baby make a SQUEAK sound when she squeezes it? 'Cause that would totally rock.
V-CORE Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2009
This is awsome !!!
Jeishii Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2009  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Although I think your artwork is good, I think the portrayal of the mother/murderess is false as women are rarely, if ever happy to have an abortion. Even those that have it out of convenience aren't *happy* about it, so I think a less maniacal/pleased expression would have been more appropriate. Your portrayal of her as a happy demon murdering a child (more a Lilith-esque reprisentation..) shows your opinion of the women who have abortions, and shows your imagining of them to be rather skewed.

Other than that though this is a rough pencil work, it's very powerful and well-drawn.
NANNER182 Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2009
love it!
Mokunookami Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2009
ok befoe i get on my soap box and make an ass of myself i will say i do like this picture a lot and it is very very well done. it captures the essance of that song perfectly. nicely done man :) ok now my little speach. if a woman is raped by a man and is impregnated with his child i think she should have a choice because that was not her fault. also if the child is found to have a significant defect that would make life unlivable it would be fair to abort the child as well. however to simply make a mistake and sleep with a guy just becasue you wanted to is not valid. using simple tests it ca n be determined if the intercourse was forced or not so it kinda makes sense that you should have a rape test before being allowed to abort. not here to argue just to give people something to think on
Vampyeress Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2009  Student General Artist
This is an amazing piece, loving the sketchiness of it, makes it really hostile :D
I don't personally agree with its message, I mean, I agree that abortion can be wrong when the fetus is developed and has brain function. But I'm not here to start an argument :)
Loving the piece, the posture of the figures in the background are so unnerving!
bebydenden Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2009  Hobbyist Photographer
i believe abortion is not the right thing to do even though i admit i did it almost 5 years ago and still haunted by what i did...

but what makes me sooo guilty,sad and a hurt are those people who just judge women like me who committed abortion but didnt really want that to happen...i mean,,not all women who had abortion are like devils or demons as what you portrait in your art...

women like me before,,just need someone to help them,,to listen to them,,understand and care for them especially with their situation...and abortion is like suicide for me and think its the only way i could escape the sadness,,the pain and everything...its very sad,,hurtful and frustrating trying to explain everything to others who havent got into situations like what i had,,trying to explain everything,,what i feel,,what i thought,,or how it hurt me soo deeply that it really make me wish to die....

im still hoping others would understand women like me,,women with the same experiences as me..women who had no one with them in times they really need most,,women who are hurt and just confused..those women who are not happy after the decisions they did..

im hoping,,people will stop pointing fingers to those like me,,because they dont know and will never know how we feel,,and why we did it and what we feel after our lost...

i hope i make sense,,i cant explain everything and i cant say everything that i want...i feel helpless...i cant speak my mind,my heart and my conscience...

we dont need judgement,,we need understanding...
TaninWulf Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2009
Ever seen the footage of the look on an early fetus' face during an abortion? Watch its reaction and tell me that's not alive.
Twiztid-in-the-Head Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist
I'm on the side that asks the question, "Would you really want to bring a child...into this world...a world full of war, toxic air, machines killing the planet, and such?" because...I wouldn't, yet at the same time I would. For one, in this day and age, I would think an abortion to be a good idea. For those willing to bear a child, maybe it's them who are damning the innocent for exposing them to all the above mentioned things in the quoted question. Maybe you anti-abortionists should think about THAT!
Kirk-Mints-Studio Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2009
Right on!
Great artwork!
I'm working on a painting from a dream i had about Hell.
In the dream the damned are swimming in sewage and forced to eat & drink everything in the pool ( eating aborted babies) by thousands of flies of all sizes biting, and laying more maggots on them as they keep trying duck under the sewage to avoid them.
Everyone is screaming in pain for forgiveness, covered in maggots as they float around in this nightmare, sea of garbage.
In the dream their is no time, just eternal suffering.
The Blessed Mother show the 3 children at Fatima a quick glimpse of Hell, and Sister Lucia said years later , "if she saw anymore she would've died of a heart attack on the spot" .
The Blessed Mother said," Souls going to Hell were like snowflakes falling to the ground".
I think that says it all!
mrsratbag Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2009  Hobbyist Writer
I'm not taking part in this pro- choice- or- pro- life- argument, but I must say the baby looks a bit funny, it looks like it would say "Gurk!" XD

dumbledores-woman Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2008
"You have your own life to live and I have my own. Feel Free to say what's on your mind but never Dictate to me what I should or shouldn't do! I don't need others to think for me... I have my own brain & I know how to use it."

... I think that's the main argument for choice. you can't make people's choices for them.
z3phyrm00n Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2008
when the egg and sperm first unite... its actually a zygote.
just fyi.

excellent work though.
LaAranaVerdeOscuro Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2008   Traditional Artist
This is absolutely amazing, and gets the point across very beautifully. If anyone thinks that it is better to get an abortion than to deal with the consequences, then they should research the psychological effects that it will have. It's much like when you have a miscarriage, but with much more drastic effects. Babies were given to mankind as gifts, and somewhere in history, people stopped looking at them as such, and started seeing nuisances. Yes, it can be stressful to have a child, but in the long-run, not only will you be happier, but more blessed. (and I apologize, because I am actually preaching here)
Tal-Blaiser Featured By Owner May 26, 2008  Professional Interface Designer
I have never seen this piece before? ... Whoa! people can get really too touchy with this piece of sketch lol! they haven't even experience it first hand, but flaunt and talk as if they know better.

Good work Troiy, I am proud of you! TiTi :devilish:
lilithdesade Featured By Owner May 25, 2008
That art itself is amazing.
thestrangechange Featured By Owner May 4, 2008
controversial topic and i really liked how you proved your point. i'm pro life, unless the baby is endangering the mother's life. i'm not trying to disrespect anyone.
A-Sound-Of-Thunder Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2008   Photographer
Typical soviet era propaganda set to a modern age. I wonder if you draw Jews with big noses as well...
Nobody Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2008
And what's wrong with that Jew boy?
n8andrew Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2008
nice shading and proportions.

*for those arguing about pro-life pro-choice
all i have to say is that When You Have Sex,
You Better Make Sure You're Ready For Whatever
Might Come Afterwards.
XxSakriifycexX Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2008
I totally love this o_o
it's really good.
the (demons?) around here just set the whole mood.
My imagination was goin 90 to nothing with this one xDD

(((Pro-choice, but it doesn't affect my outlook on art :3)))
SolestiaL Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2007
:OIts dark n' all, but its pretty awesome :D I am also anti-abortion, woot for Catholicism=P. Well me thinks you could redo it, I mean most women aren't happy going through it, some go through it against their will, and its kinda like hiring an assasin, the medical people kill it I think by removing it...Though 'it' has been known to survive, it was on the news once shrug;.
Shrineheart Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2007  Hobbyist Digital Artist
1] Rape victims.
2] High-risk pregnancy [in which the mother's life is at stake.]

I agree there however on a regular basis I find abortions to be awful and I highly disagree with them in any case other than the two above. Even with the first one I generally think adoption is a better answer.
When I was a teenager I was faced with my convictions. For about a month I thought I might be pregnant, I was showing signs and I had missed a period. And I thought long and hard about it because part of you just panics and all you want to do is make all this mess go away. You don't have time or support to care for a child right now. You don't want it.
But then I thought about how awful and selfish of me that was. To disregard someone else the chance at life just so I could have free time and live a little easier. I had always wanted to be a mother, so what if this was earlier than intended?
I talked to my fiancee and you know, people generally portray guys to be all "fuck that you're having an abortion" or "BYE!" the first thing he said is that he would get a job and help support me every way he could. Another of my close friends had his girlfriend come to him with the same questions and he was shocked she'd even consider and abortion. He did the same, said he would be with her and care for her and help her in any way possible.
Today they have a two month old baby girl and they're probably the happiest couple I know.
As it turned out I wasn't pregnant which was probably for the best. We want to have ours when we're ready for him or her.

There's another instance I know about with abortion in which the girl had one done because she didn't want anyone to know what she'd done, she didn't want to be embarrassed, she claimed all kinds of things were wrong with the baby (she was barely pregnant and she was claiming diseases that wouldn't show up till second or third trimester), anything to make herself seem justified. We all told her we'd support her if she had a child, we all offered to help but she cheerfully said "Don't worry guys! I'm getting an abortion." As if that child was nothing.
The next day she was bragging about it to her friends. Laughing and saying things like how they vaccuumed it out of her and it was awful. At that point I stopped being friends with her. Mainly because she was so callus about taking a human life I'd hate to see how she treated people she liked.

Not trying to start a debate. I understand the whole Pro-Choice movement. Though I do think they largely leave the fathers out of it, which is sad. Because just like with my friend, he really and truly was willing to stand by and help her with the child. He even told her that if she didn't want the baby he'd take custody of her and she'd never have to worry about him again if she didn't want to. Most guys that do care don't get that chance.
Nobody Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2008
Rape victims are a bad excuse.
wattersk Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2007  Hobbyist General Artist
Coming back to look at this.... I still am disturbed by it. But isn't that what abortion is? What's even more disturbing is the number of women who claim to be pro-life, but turn around and get an abortion at the very clinic they picket.

I agree with ~Pasithea. Actually giving the woman a face is an interesting effect. Often pictures are left faceless, and in the end it's difficult to identify with the subject of the picture as a human being. By giving the subject a face, it becomes human; it becomes something we can identify.

The use of demons in the background is a nice touch. The thoughts and fears we have. The decisions we make. The temptations we take. I'm not sure if that was your intention for the demons, but that was how I interpreted them.

Well done on this piece. Controversial and opinionated. Still one of my faves on dA.
timesnewramen Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2007
I'm pro-choice but I'd never choose it for myself. So it kind of works the other way too. :P
I recently went through with an abortion against my own wishes and I'm surprisingly alright with it. Theres still time for it to hit me though, I guess, being that it was 3 days ago and I haven't felt anything much yet, and am normally an OVER-emotional person.
It's not only a womans choice, its up to the man as well, but what happens when the woman wants the baby and the man doesn't, and he doesn't want to leave her either? Noone ever looks at that perspective.

Anyway, I like some of the things you've said. I thought some of them too.
Have a nice day.
Sasami-mommy Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2007
All I'm going to say is that you've got skill.
I don't agree with your views or how you portray women in this peice... but you obviously put some effort into this and it's a good sketch.
Backspace17 Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2007
sounds like you've got a damn good head on your shoulders, very intelligent. i like the artwork, it says just what you're thinking and im impressed with all of your work and opinions.
Generalnazor Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2007
And abortion is NEVER an act of mercy!
I beleve that even if someone says that the kid may have some problems they should get a chance to overcome thoes problems!
And The Shivo case is yet another part of the pro-death movement!
As soon as you are seen as useless or something that would take away someones freedom to have a good time they'll get rid of you!
I didin't understand it eather,
First of all she WAS a full grown woman (the prefured type of person to these people)
and a MAN had abandoned her and found someone new!(A horrible insult to these people)
and yet they let him kill her!
TheRaven-LENore Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2007
amen to that
Pasithea Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2007
rofl wtf? xD I don't think I've ever seen an abortion like that before. You sure make women look like evil whores in this picture. But at least you actually showed the woman's face, usually lifers exclude their faces and focus only on the fetus. So even though she looks like an evil monster I'm glad that you showed what you really think women are. :3

I'm curious though. Do you feel the same way about pro-life women who regret their abortions? (you know, the ones who always run around with the signs that say "I regret my abortion.")
mystery-of-sorrow Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2007
Romanpen Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2006
hey, for some reason the p and u transformed into a smile, sorry
Romanpen Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2006
I like it, now i don't believe in bringing religion into politics i will bring science,

At the moment of conception an organism is created with a genetic identity from it's parents, since it makes up the whole of the organism it is considered to be an organism(like bacteria) the organism's dna is human so we can classify it as an human organism. We classify it as "living" because it
A:Takes in and uses energy
B:Puts out waste
D:moves bodily fluids
G:grows and has it's cells reproduce
The organism is paricidic of it's hoast at first and while out of the womb for the first years, as a flea to a dog, or parent to child. To kill the organism(human) when the mother's life is not in danger{in which case the act is self defense and justifiable} or without the organisms consent, or without cause to protect society is murder.
pooterpoo Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2006
i think jaxtus has an ok point. ABORTION IS MURDER! what dont you 'pro-choicsers' get obout that. if abortion is right, then i could pull the trigger on my son's head and say "i didnt want him to live in this world. it is to bad of a world." is that right? no! so if a woman is raped, than just have the inasent baby and put him/her for adoption. geeeeezzz! and a woman should not have a choice! life death! thos are sacret things. keep life and prevent death!
Mokunookami Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2009
ear think of it like this. if you were impregnated by a man you didnt know and you were young and vulnerable whould you want the added stress of another being living inside you?
Daenerys240 Featured By Owner Dec 16, 2006
"A woman should not have a choice" Why not?
Generalnazor Featured By Owner Oct 3, 2006
Actualy some people are tryinh to say that isint abortion!
Ph4nt0m42 Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2006
I donít know why people regard themselves so highly. What about humans make us so great, what is it that makes us think we are so superior to animals? Is it the fact that we can think? The mere coincidence that we were allowed a collective and structured independent thought process? Weíve already caused so much damage on the world, and we still feel as though we are the gods of this planet.

A few dead babies are nothing to get apprehensive about, we are lucky that we are all still here, were lucky that we began. We are fortunate that we have it so good right now, as flawed as it is. Especially for the people in America, the people who should be some of the most grateful in the world. I donít care how sick and twisted the government here is. There are about a million other countries out there Like Rwanda, people living under government oppression who would love more than anything to have a life even half as good as we have it.. They donít have a say in ANYTHING that goes on in their life. They donít even have the right to voice an opinion; something that each person on this earth should have, without question. I donít care who you are, I donít care if you aborted a child, and I donít even care if you killed 200 people. You should still be allowed to speak your mind and make your own decision in life.

I know your thinking, ďbut this is another life, another entirely separate entity that can grow and prosper and enrich lives of handfuls of people, hundreds, and thousands even.Ē They could grow to be an incredible doctor that saves numerous amounts of other lives, or even discovers a cure for cancer. Or they could grow to be the next Hitler.

But then, what does the baby care, the embryo, it doesnít even know that it exists yet, it has even begun thinking yet. And what does it care, what does anyone care. It doesnít mean anything; it wonít mean a single thing when you are dead. You or anyone else wonít even give a shit when youíre dead.

I donít mean to degrade the entire human species, but people need to seriously get over themselves. If a few people here and there decide to have an abortion; who cares, just move on with your life. Why waste any time worrying about it. Iím sorry if you mom/sister/wife or whatever was in this situation. But you have to make decisions on your own, who am I or anybody to tell another person how to live their own life. Nobody likes being told how to live and what is "right".

Iím not pro- abortion, and Iím not against it. Iím just trying to say that, were just people... nothing more. Just live your life and be happy, donít try to impress anybody, just try and make everyone else happy along with yourself. THAT is the meaning of life, because in the end, it wonít mean a thing.

i dont mean to degrade the entire human species, but people need to seriously get over themselves. if a few people here and there decide to have an abortion; who cares, just move on with your life. why waste any time worrying about it. im sorry if you mom/sister/wife or whatever was in this situation. but you have to make decisions on your own, who am i or anybody to tell another person how to live their own life. nobody likes being told how to live and what is "right".

im not pro- abortion, and im not against it. im just trying to say that, were just people... nothing more.
LaAranaVerdeOscuro Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2008   Traditional Artist
The difference between humans and animals is that humans have souls. All a body is is a case for that soul while it is on earth. Yeah, you think i'm some religious nut, but think about it. Do you really want to spend your 70 years trying to make yourself, or even other people happy when it's just going to end for no point? You MIGHT have the chance to impact future generations' but that's such a slim chance. Do you not ever think that there must be more than just this?
Ph4nt0m42 Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2008
well i'd rather die knowing i made people happy than knowing i made people misserable.
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